Stories about friends of Cheburashka and crocodile Gena

Design and decoration of Book by Andrey Efi

Here is the graphical images, presented by artist Andrey Efi, the draws executed by the technique – “ink and feather”. These illustrations are for a well known book ‘Crocodile Gena and his friends ‘, written by Eduard Uspensky ,the novels about the best Gena’s friend Cheburashka (Tjeburasjka).
The Book was issued in Helsinki in 2005, in swedish language, especially for Swedish population living in Finland (Editor – Söderströms). The exact name in the swedish – ‘‘ Krokodilen Gena och hans vänner ‘.
The Publisher asked the artist to create images as possible closer to the time when the book was written (in 60-es). Nor ‘holliy wood’ or roly-poly and comics.
That is a reason why was taken monochrome gamma for all illustrations, exclusion only for cover.