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Just a few facts from the biography of the artist.
Four paintings of the artist (monotypes) are in the collection of the State Russian Museum (Saint-Petersburg).
His exhibition was attended by the President of Germany – Christian Wulff and his wife Betina Wulff ( in 2011 St. Petersburg).
Andrey Efi’s activities are not limited to the creation of paintings, he is actively engaged in conceptual art, particular in 1997 he received a grant from the George Soros Foundation for the implementation of the project – holding an action on Palace Square in St. Petersburg, which was successfully completed … and this action were showed by main TV channels in St. Petersburg.
Creativity of the artist Andrey Efi is distributed in the global space.
And so he is deservedly considered one of the best contemporary artists of Russia.
His Concept briefly and succinctly formulated in this statement – “The sense of art for me is to bind together the revelations of great masters of the past, as Leonardo, Durer, El Greco, and the discoveries of the great reformers of the 20 century”.
Andrey strongly disagrees with the postulate of Joseph Beuys that any self-expression is already an art. Experiments with technical means and materials are not an end in themselves, but search for a path to achieve the best (most sophisticated) component expressing a more capacious and “acute” idea, plot, and ultimately carries exactly that energy impact on the viewer, which certainly should be the artist’s conception.
He began to exhibit his paintings in the mid of 80-es. Like many artists of that time, at first these were underground apartment exhibitions in the Leningrad, then he nevertheless went over to the category of legal artists and began to participate in exhibitions under the auspices of the Union of Artists of Russia (St. Petersburg). Since then, the artist’s works have been shown in over 150 art projects, both in Russia and in many countries of the world. (see – Exhibitions )