The main features of the artist’s creative activity

The author’s work is very diverse

The list of countries where the paintings of artist are settled covers many continents of our planet.
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In the mid of 90-es, collectors drew attention to his lyrical canvases in pastel colors, and began to acquire them in private collections. Art researchers determined his works not immediately to what style can be attributed… but the artist defined his concept himself – this is a ‘Sign Painting’, and it is based on the principles of Symbolism.
In 2001, after the exhibition ‘Abstraction in Russia. XX-century’, the 4 graphic paintings (monotypes) of Andrey Efi entered the collection of the State Russian Museum in St. Petersburg.
More in-depth discovery of his paintings and artistic principles in general, remains to be done. This article is intended to draw the attention of spectators to the manner in which the paintings of the artist Andrey Efi should be ‘viewed’.
The basis of his works is always an idea and a plot, because without it Andrey thinks there is no sense at all … Any picture says (narrates) what it depicts, or tries to depict, express. Using collages made of cloth or paper, or other objects, and the objects in the structure of the picture, the artist seeks to speak from his works, almost literary. But this is not a philistine fiction, this prose develops into poetry and the philosophy of art, forcing the viewer to think, not just get a fun.
The plastic language of the artist is a combination of various graphic forms – archaic, naive (children’s), heraldic, geometric, but always verified in proportions, in harmony of scale.

The artist chooses from a variety of aesthetic and cultural systems (separated by both time and space) – the fundamental universal elements, which he calls ‘abstrogens’, and creates from them, his own new philosophically meaningful world.