Love theme

Images painted by Andrey Efi

Paintings of the manner of signs and symbols

The paintings of Love theme is the eternal point in art. Interplaying between man and woman is displayed in art for the all times.
Artists, poets, writers, composers … dedicate and will always devote their works of art to the Love theme.

Andrey Efi in his paintings about Love does not apply the traditional approach, accepted a long before and frequently occurring in realistic painting.
His characters are generalized, they are quite collective if one can so ‘explain’ his approach to stylization. He depicts not just a specific personified hero with his feelings, passions and experiences… but recreates (and bears to spectator) the very experiences and emotions themselves … and they, as the artist thinks, are generally abstract, they are symbolic.
Therefore, he transforms all this up to the Sign, up to the Symbol.
And in this case the key is given to every spectator to see in the artist’s paintings something of his own intimate and personal.