Sign and symbol in the mythology of different cultures

Biblical stories, themes, legends in the folk epic

In the symbolic paintings of Andrey Efi are many schematism and conceptual rebuses. By the usual sense, his pictures are ambiguous for perception.
With realistic paintings everything is simple and easy understand … there is the Zeus, and there is the Diana … and, even if you don’t know the literary story, the picture explains anyway.
How it makes Andrey Efi? … he makes it opposite, in his mind all is going a bit other way, Signs are full of innuendo and hints. We must to switch on the brain, we must be prepared … otherwise nothing is clear.
In his works, ideas intertwine at the level of Signs and Symbols.
They wander from ancient myths, beliefs and religions. They often meet on the artist’s canvas, and a magical combination of interaction takes place – and the signs talk, they explain.
And there is nothing complicated and incomprehensible, everything turns out to be simple, like in a child view.

In the artist’s paintings intertwine Mythology and Metaphysic.